Linkus Registration Failure

Generally the Linkus registration issue happens that you are able to login, but you meet the registration error. Definitely, you would need ensure you could login, then check if you would have registration issue.

Essentially the Linkus registration failure is extension registration failure. So you might need refer the Checklist for SIP registration Failure according to your practical environment.



After the checklist of basic configuration, you could go to the following check method:

Check Linkus server setting

  1. Make sure the Linkus and SIP external port is the same with the port mapped on the router.
  2. Linkus permission has been enabled for the extension.
  3. The Maximum Registration value should be more than 2 on extension edit page.

Check Linkus mobile client

  1. The Linkus server information filled on Client side should be matched with the setting you configured on PBX side.
  2. Check the login username and password is correct.(The password referred here is the User Password on Extension Edit Page)


    3. Make sure the Linkus client has both wifi and data network access permission on your phone.

Here are some common issues on Linkus for you. 


Log & Packet Capture

If the check list above can’t help resolve your issue, you could contact us. Please describe your issue and result of steps in the check list, also post us the following information for further analysis.

1.The registration for Linkus client are two step here:

  • 1st Step: Login in Linkus
  • 2nd Step: Register Linkus extension.

*Please tell us if login failure or registration failure

2. Asterisk CLI log

3. Linkus Client Debug log 

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