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For many people, it is not realistic to stay in the office all day. You may step out of the office to grab a coffee; you may be on the road from time to time; or you may be on a business trip. With MyPBX simultaneous ring solution, you can take your calls wherever are, whether it's the satellite office, at home, or from your cell phone.

In this guide, we introduce how to configure simultaneous ring on office phone and your cell phone.

Note that this application would have conflict with Linkus that when you enable Linkus, the Ring Simultaneously option would be unavailable. You need consider which feature is suitable for your case before you start.


With S-Series VoIP PBX "Ring Simultaneously" feature, you can make your cell phone and the office phone ring simultaneously as soon as a call comes in. To achieve this, you would need the following the configuration.

1. Inbound Route

Ring Simultaneously is general available for extension. When the extension is in the ring group or queue, it is also available. Just configure the right destination as required.

At the same time, Ring Simultaneously is working for internal call as well.

2. Extension

You need to enable the "Ring Simultaneously", and fill in your mobile phone number on the extension page. 

3. Outbound Route

Create an outbound route specific for the Simultaneous Ring application. And The "Mobility Extension Prefix" should be set according to the outbound route. For example, the outbound route is set as:


  • Pattern: 9.
  • Strip: 1 
  • Member Trunks: any trunk used to dial outbound specifically for this application. 
  • Member Extensions: select the corresponding extension which has configured with mobile number.

Note: Please make sure that the trunk is available to establish an outgoing call to your mobile phone. PSTN trunk must be avoided here due to technical conflict.

Configure the Mobility Extension Prefix with 9 so that the call could go through the route configured above.



Now, the office's phone and your mobile phone will ring simultaneously as soon as a call comes in.



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    Could I combine it with ring group features?so when someone call my extension group then all of member extension and their cellphone will ring simultaneously

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