Add the Compatiblity of Auto Provisioning for Yealink IP Phone with MAC Address Started with 805EC0

This guide is used for Auto Provisioning of the Yealink IP phones which has new MAC address range. Yeastar U-Series VoIP PBX only supports the MAC address is started with 001565.

Recently Yealink launched new MAC address range is started with 805EC0. Due to this, Yeastar U-Series VoIP PBX can't scan the Yealink IP phone automatically, and even you can't allow to add the IP phone with new MAC address manually. 

When you try to add a Yealink IP phone with new MAC, it can't be allowed to save the configuration. 

Therefore we offer an solution resolve this problem. 

Step 1. Enter SSH interface followed by this guide: Enter SSH

Step 2. Then copy file autoprovision.js to /persistent by using command cp /www/webfile/js/autoprovision.js /persistent/

Step 3. Edit the web file with command vi /persistent/autoprovision.js, then find the MAC range for Yealink phone at line 1935:


Then add marked with red content:

if(!(_$('mac').value.beginsWith("001565") || _$('mac').value.beginsWith("805ec0")|| _$('mac').value.beginsWith("805EC0"))){^M

Step 4. Go to /persistent, create file with command vi Give the with executable authority with command chmod +x Add below content in file. Then execute


cp /persistent/autoprovision.js /www/webfile/js/

Step 5. Clean the Browser's cookies and cache, then login the Yeastar U-Series VoIP PBX web interface and try to provision the Yealink IP phone on Auto Provisioning page.



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    Here is detailed version for beginners to add the the Compatiblity:
    Step 1. Enter SSH interface followed by this guide:
    1). Please enable your SSH in U-Series PBX Security Center>Service first.
    2). Logging in your U-Series PBX 's Command Line Interface(CLI) via PuTTY or other SSH tools.
    Download and install Putty on your PC:
    Input PBX IP and SHH port 8022 in Session page and change Line of scrollback to 200000 in Window page.
    3). The default username is root and password is ys123456.
    Step 2. Input ( cp /www/webfile/js/autoprovision.js /persistent/ ) and Enter.
    Step 3. Input ( vi /persistent/autoprovision.js ) and Enter.
    Then find the MAC range for Yealink phone as below picture via / and if(!(_$('mac').value.beginsWith("001565")
    Click keyboard I, then copy and paste bold content(start with a space) to the blue box position.
    Start with a space for this content: || _$('mac').value.beginsWith("805ec0")|| _$('mac').value.beginsWith("805EC0")
    Input ( :wq ) and Enter.
    Step 4. Input ( cd /persistent ) and Enter.
    Input ( vi ) and Enter.
    Click keyboard I, copy and paste below content in file. 
    cp /persistent/autoprovision.js /www/webfile/js/
    Input ( :wq ) and Enter.
    Input ( chmod +x ) and Enter.
    Input ( ./ ) and Enter.
    Step 5. Clean the Browser's cookies and cache, then login the Yeastar U-Series VoIP PBX web interface and try to provision the Yealink IP phone on Auto Provisioning page.
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    Hi Guys!

    Nice to find this post but not help for us. These changes has been transferred to the file, but we can't add a phone with "805EC0XXXXXX" MAC address to the MYPBX system. We try restart PBX but nothing.

    System info:
    Product Type: MyPBX U510
    Hardware Version: V2.00 0000-0000
    Firmware Version:

    Are you sure you don't need to change anything else?


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    cant proceed after step number 2,

    telling that Step 3. Input ( vi /persistent/autoprovision.js ) and Enter.


    after inputting the 3rd step, it gives me different format, i cant find the if command followed by the mac adress,


    modem u200


    pls help,

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    I followed all the steps but cannot proceed after step 3 , here is what i get after step 3

    login as: root
    root@'s password:
    root@MyPBX:~# cp /www/webfile/js/autoprovision.js /persistent/
    root@MyPBX:~# vi /persistent/autoprovision.js
    var AutoProvisionObj = {^M
    oldphonetype : "",^M
    oldaudio : "PCMA,PCMU,G729",^M
    oldvpxaudio : "PCMA,PCMU,G729,G722",^M
    //arrHeaderText: new Array("<input type=checkbox id='CHECKALL' class='s
    //arrIpphoneText: new Array("<input type=checkbox id='CHECKALL1' class=
    bEdit : false,^M
    arrExtensions : new Array(),^M
    arrIaxExtensions : new Array(),^M
    //arrFileList: new Array("#", prompts_display_Name, prompts_display_Opti
    is_existed: function(sExtNo, sHeader) { ^M
    var mypbxString = getMypbxString();^M
    ext = GetCommData(mypbxString, sHeader, ";");^M
    for(var i=0; i<ext.length-1; i++) { ^M
    extArr = ext[i].split(",");^M
    if( extArr[0].trim().toUpperCase() == sExtNo.trim().toUp
    return true;^M
    return false;^M
    is_ext_used: function(sMac, sExtNo, sHeader) { ^M
    var mypbxString = getMypbxString();^M
    - /persistent/autoprovision.js 1/9846 0%


    Please help 

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    The solution provided / mention does not work 

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    this is the screenshot after step # 3 

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    Nash is correct. This solution does not work.

    After implementing the solution it and double checking everything I still get the error message: Mac should start with '001565'! when I try to setup a Yealink T46S.

    This is bad because people who have the SOHO are unable to purchase newer models of Yealink phones but they can use newer phones from Yealink's competitors. That does not seem to be in Yealink's interests let alone the interests of their customers.

    Please advise!



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    I followed all the steps but cannot proceed after step 3like nash and peter.

    please help with this? anyone find the solution

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    I have a MYPBX U100, I know  its old, but I need to add a phone with MAC 805EC0.


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