FAQ for system activation, server migration and license renew issue on Yeastar P-Series PBX


This article shares frequently-asked questions about system activation, server migration and license renew for P-Series Software and recommended solutions.


1. Why it's failed to activate system?

1)Check if ping active.yeastar.com is available.

2)Check if internet is able to reach license server active.yeastar.com TCP port 443.


2. What need to do if want to upgrade server or migrate system?

Solution: Below cases are all considered migration, contact Yeastar support in advance before you are ready to do, there is something with activation and we need make some change as well on server side.

1)The performance of the original server is insufficient and needs to be upgraded.

2)Restore snapshot to another server.

3)Due to some unexpeted system reason, p-series software is detected as a copy. 



3. What to do if restore backup file from pbx to another server?

Solution: After new server has been installed (in an unactivate status), contact salesman or Yeastar support who will reset original license code and will give you a new license to activate the new server. After restoring the backup, you need to reconfigure the fqdn domain again.


4. How to renew license code during or after free trial?

If you want to purchase commercial license during or after free trial, go to partner portal and search original sn code and click on 'subscribe', afterwards select wanted users and time you want to purchase for, a new activation code will be generated after payment, write down the code and go to pbx - activation menu, click 'Update' and enter the new activation code, this will keep the sn code consistent with the one in trial period. Do remember you cannot purchase a totally new activation code to try to activate an already existed system (that is DON'T click on 'Purchase New' in the picture below).




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