Using LDAP on Grandstream Phones

In this example, we will demonstrate how to configure and use LDAP phonebook using a Grandstream GXP1628 (version

Configuring LDAP

  1. Log in the GXP1628 web interface, navigate to “Phonebook > LDAP” page.
  2. Fill in the LDAP server address, attributes and filter information. 
  3. Once the configuration is done, click “Save and Apply”.

LDAP Configuration Example

The example configurations are set according to S-Series LDAP server default settings. You can use the following settings as a starting point and adjust the filter and display attributes according to your needs.

Server Address:   (IP address of Yeastar S-Series IPPBX)

Port: 389

Base: dc=pbx,dc=com

User Name: cn=admin,dc=pbx,dc=com

Password: password

LDAP Number Filter: (|(telephoneNumber=%)(homePhone=%)(mobile=%))

LDAP Name Filter: (|(cn=%)(sn=%))

LDAP Version: Version 3

LDAP Name Attributes: cn sn

LDAP Number Attributes: telephoneNumber homePhone mobile mail departmentNumber

LDAP Display Name: %cn

Max. Hits: 50

Search Timeout: 30

Sort Results: Yes

LDAP Lookup: √ Incoming Calls  √ Outgoing Calls

Lookup Display Name: cn

Using LDAP Phonebook

Note: for different Grandstream IP phones, the operation may be different.

  1. On the GXP1628 idle screen, press “More” soft key.
  2. Press “LDAP” soft key.
  3. Enter the search parameters for name or number as needed.
  4. Press “OK”.
  5. Press the navigation key to select the desired contact.
  6. Press “Dial” to call the person.


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    When you do a LDAP directory search, you then find then name and press Dial. This will not work if there is an empty telephonenumber and mobile field. (this gives the no dial plan error) as the phone tries to dial the empty telephonenumber
    However if you select the name and drill down to the mobile number and THEN press Dial, it works.
    Change the sequence of the LDAP Number Attributes: mobile telephoneNumber

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    Not sure why it has problem for Grandstream phones. I tested on my Yealink phone. I would list out the numbers it can search, then I could pick one to dial. 

    Would be a issue of the Grandstream phones?

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    Yealink works 100% - a way that Grandstream do things...

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