How to Make a Call from Outlook


You can connect Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX and Microsfot Outlook and make calls from Outlook. This article provides detailed information of connecting the Yeastar PBX and Outlook and making calls from Outlook.

Before you get started, you need:

  • Outlook
  • TAPI (in this article, we tested xtelsio TAPI)
  • Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX

1. Enable AMI on Yeastar S-Series PBX

Log in Yeastar PBX web user interface, navigate to "Settings > System > Security > Service", enable AMI and specify AMI user name and password, add allowed IP address.  Here we set the AMI user name and password as below:

  • User Name: admin
  • Password: password

2. TAPI Driver Configuration

Download  and install xtelsio TAPI.

Step 1.  Start xtelsio TAPI, click "Configure".

Step 2.  Choose a TAPI line and click "Settings".

Step 3. Configure the TAPI line. In the "Asterisk Server" dialog, enter the access parameters of Asterisk Manager Interface.  The username and password must be the same with Yeastar AMI settings.                         ami.png

Step 4. Click “Connect”, then click "OK" to check the state. IF the State shows "Connected and Logged in", the TAPI is successfully connected to Yeastar IPPBX.

Step 5. Configure Asterisk TAPI device. Take one of Yeastar IPPBX extensions, and fill in the extension details in the Asterisk TAPI Device section. Below we take extension 1002 to configure.

  • Channel: channel for your phone: PJSIP/1002
  • Your phone number: this is used as "Caller ID" and optionally for call detection.
  • Your name: enter your name
  • Context: DLPN_DialPlan1002


Step 6. Click "Ok" to save the changes.

3. Making a Call from Outlook 

Step 1. Restart your Outlook.

Step 2. Choose one of your Outlook contacts, view the details. On the CONTACT tab, click "More", and select "Call".

Step 3. Click on dialog button "Dialing Options...".

Step 4. Select the configured TAPI line in the pull down list in section "Connect using line".

Step 5. Click “OK”.

Step 6. Click "Start Call" to call the selected contact.


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