Yeastar Certified Expert


This course is designed for specialists who need more in-depth knowledge of troubleshooting tools, techniques and customize. It’s based upon Yeastar certified technician courses.

Note: Yeastar distributors in each area are required to have at least one Yeastar Certified Expert to offer local technical support and trainings to resellers.

If you are interested in this training course and certification, please submit a request at the bottom of this article or email to to get more detail.

Course Outline

The course consists of both theoretical and practical sessions.

Part I Background Knowledge
1. Command Line Interface
2. Analog telephony
3. BRI/PRI Telephony
4. Mobile Telephony
5. SIP
6. SDP
7. RTP/SRTP Protocol
9. SMS/SSMTP Debug

Part II Trouble shooting
10. Hardware Faults
11. Web GUI Faults
12. Extensions Issues
13. SIP Trunk Issues
14. PSTN Trunk Issues
15. ISDN Trunk Issues
16. GSM/3G Trunk Issues
17. SMS/USSD Issues
18. Voicemail Issues
19. Others

Training and Examination

Duration:2 days, total 14 hours (Time: 9:00am-12:00am, 1:30pm-5:30pm)

Available Type: Classroom training

Associated Certification: Yeastar Certified Expert

Certification Exam:

  • The exam is taken on the final day after completion of training on the online training system.
  • The exam is an open book exam consisting of 30 choice questions
  • Passing score: 80%
  • Exam duration: 1 hour
  • Attempts: You are allowed 2 attempts to pass the exam and may not exit the exam once started. If you fail after 2 attempts, you are required to re-take the courses
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    Hello I would to take this course, Can I have all details.....


    Is their any DEMo class available....




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    Thanks for your interests. Our technical marketing team will contact with you through email.


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    Is there online training for this exam? I can't not to attend like class room training.




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    I can't attend class room training bcoz my country is Myanmar. So what should I do?


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    YSCE online training is not available for the current stage, if you would like, please send email to to get the learning material and learn by yourself. After you finish self-learning, you can take the YSCE online exam.

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