How to use one TG for Incoming and Outgoing Calls

Step 1. Create a sip account in TG.

Go to “Gateway -- VoIP Settings -- VoIP Trunk”.

Click “Add VoIP Trunk” and Choose “Account” for “Trunk Type”.

Type the “Name”, “Account”, “Password” to create this sip account, then register it in an IP Phone or Softphone.


Step 2. Build Route for Incoming calls

Go to “Gateway -- Routes Settings -- Mobile to IP

Click “Add Mobile to IP Route”

Set the Route from GSM1 to SIP Account you just build.


Step 3. Build Route for Outgoing calls

Go to “Gateway -- Routes Settings -- IP to Mobile”

Click “Add IP to Mobile Route”

Set the Route from SIP Account to GSM1.


Then you will be able to use your registered SIP account for calling outside or receiving calls.

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    I have followed these instructions but I'm having issues with receiving calls.  Outbound calls work just fine but for incoming calls, callers hear 1 ring-back tone, and then dial tone, and that stays without anything happening.  This is being used with a Xorcom PBX, which is based on asterisk.  I also need to mention that I am not detecting any attempt to communicate with the PBX, via CLI on the PBX.  Typically, I will see the messages for call processing, etc.  So for now, I think the issue is solely based on the Yeastar YST-TG200.  Any pointers in the right direction will be greatly appreciated as I like your product and would like to see it working properly.

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    i have 8 GSM then i configure some of them one by one still not woring.

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