How to Enable the GSM Debug

In this guide, we will show you how to enable the GSM debug in MyPBX and TG gsm gateway. This guide is suitable for MyPBX SOHO V4/V5/V6, Standard V6/V7, U100/U200, U300, U500/U510/U520 and TG series.

As for mobile modules, it is suitable for GSM/UMTS/CDMA modules.

Here is the procedures:

1. Enter the Asterisk mode in SSH interface.

Enter the Asterisk mode by followed this guide: Login SSH of Yeastar Device

2. Enable GSM debug.

Input commands: gsm debug span all

Then it will start to print the GSM related logs in the SSH interface.

If you want to disable the debug, please input command: gsm debug no span all.

Well, if you want to debug a specific GSM port. Input the command like: gsm debug span 2.

The span 2 means GSM port 1. Usually the span number equals the GSM port number plus one. That is Span Number = GSM port Number + 1.

In case you don't know the span number, you are lucky to press TAB key that the interface will appear the available span number. Then you may choose a proper one.

And if you want to disable the debug for a specific port. Please input command like: gsm no debug span 2.

3. Additional AT commands.

After the above steps, you can try to input the AT commands according to the recommendation from our support for more actions.

Then general format to send AT commands is: gsm send at 2 AT+XXX. 2 is the span nubmer, and XXX means the corresponding AT commands.

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