How to use Asterisk ADAT

AMI Configuration on MyPBX

We will connect MyPBX and ADAT via AMI, please make sure AMI settings are configured correctly on MyPBX before starting with ADAT.

Login in MyPBX Web User Interface, and go to SystemSecurity SettingsAMI Settings to configure AMI.


Enable AMI: Checked     //Enable API, the default API port is 5038

User Name: admin     // Enter the user name according to your preference

Password: password  //Enter the password according to your preference

Permitted 'IP address/Subnet mask': 

// Only the input IP address range can connect MyPBX via AMI 




Configuring ADAT 


 After installing ADAT, right click the interface, then go to “Settings” to configure ADAT.

  • Connection Settings







Click to Call

  1. Type a number to test a call.


   Also supported by name search.


  1. After clicking, your handset will ring.




  1. Pick up your phone, a pop-up window will appear in the bottom right corner of your PC, the call will be established.







[The End]

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