How to Connect Yeastar TB BRI VoIP Gateway to 3CX

1. Introduction

This guide shows you how to configure 3CX phone system to Yeastar BRI VoIP gateway via SIP trunking. This guide has been tested with:

  • TB400 firmware version
  • 3CX phone system v12.0.36097.670


After connecting Yeastar TB BRI gateway and 3CX phone system, physical trunk BRI trunk will be extended on 3CX phone system.

The following features can be achieved:

  • Make outbound calls from 3CX via the BRI trunks of TB400.
  • Receive calls from BRI trunks of TB400 at 3CX.


  • IP address of 3CX phone system:
  • IP address of TB400:
  • A BRI line from provider is connected to TB00’s BRI port1.
  • BRI trunk number: 617839972

                                                   Figure 1 Connect 3CX Phone System and TB400


2. Connect 3CX Phone System to TB400

2.1 Create a SIP Trunk on 3CX

1) Log in to the 3CX Management Console and click "Add VoIP Provider" node, configure the VoIP Provider Wizard, then Click "Next".

                                                                   Figure 2 Add VoIP Provider

  • Name of Provider: TB400
  • Country: Generic
  • Provider: Generic SIP Trunk

2) Enter the Yeastar TB400's IP and click "Next".

Note: the TB400 and 3CX Phone System must reside inside the same LAN.

                                                                     Figure 3 VoIP Provider

3) Enter External Number and Authentication ID (You can enter any number that is not the same with extension numbers of 3CX, take 9999 as an example here). And click “Next”.

Note: "Maximum simultaneous calls " is four in the free version of 3CX. You can also enter the number accordingly if you have bought license from 3CX.

                                                                      Figure 4 Configure SIP Trunk

4) Configure the default destination of inbound route to Digital Receptionist for the SIP trunk and click “Next”.

Note: If you want to change the inbound route, you can double click the trunk you want on the "Ports/Trunk Status" page after the SIP Trunk has been created.

                                                                      Figure 5 Set Office Hours

5) Click "Skip" to finish the SIP trunk configuration.

                                                                        Figure 6 VoIP Provider

6) On "Ports/Trunk Status" page, we can check the trunk status.

                                                                      Figure 7 SIP Trunk Status


2.2 Create a VoIP Trunk on TB400

Path: Gateway→VoIP Settings→VoIP Trunk

                                      Figure 8 Create a Service Provider SIP Trunk on TB400

  • Trunk Type: Service Provider
  • Type: SIP
  • Provider Name: 3CX
  • Hostname/IP: fill in 3CX IP address, the default port is 5060.

Save and apply the changes, we can check the status of this trunk, it should be OK.

Path: Status→ System Status→ IP Trunk Status

                                                              Figure 9 VoIP Trunk Status on TB400


3. SIP to BRI

In this section, we introduce how to achieve making outbound calls from 3CX through BRI trunk on TB400.

                                                                                 Figure 10 SIP to BRI

Step 1. Create one outbound route on 3CX.

To make external calls from 3CX through TB400’s BRI trunk, you need to create one outbound route on 3CX.

Click "Add Outbound Rule" on 3CX.

  • Rule Name: Rule for TB400
  • Prefix: 9
  • Call from extension(s): 300-305, allow extension 300,301,302,303,304 and 305 to call out through this outbound rule.
  • Route: TB400
  • Strip: 1

                                                                Figure 11 Outbound Route on 3CX

Step 2. Configure “sip_2_bri” Route on TB400.

Path: Gateway→Routes Settings→Route List

                                                                         Figure 12 IP->Port Route

  • Route Name: give a name for the route, “sip_2_bri”.
  • Call Source: choose the VoIP trunk which is connected to 3CX, “SPS—3CX”.
  • Call Destination: choose the BRI trunk1.

Step 3. Test a call from 3CX.

Now, you can use 3CX phone system’s extension to make external calls through the TB400’s BRI trunk 1. Do not forget to add digit 9 before the called number cause prefix is set to 9 on 3CX outbound route. For example, if you want to call 15880270666, you need to dial 915880270666.


4. BRI to SIP

In this section, we configure incoming calls to 3CX through BRI trunk on TB400.


                                                                                Figure 13 BRI to SIP

Step 1. Create an inbound route on 3CX.

Click “Add DID/Inbound route” to configure the inbound route on 3CX.

  • Inbound route name: From TB400
  • DID/DDI number/mask: 9999, which is same with the trunk external number.
  • Available ports: TB400
  • Office Hours: Digital Receptionist

                                                   Figure 14 Inbound Route on 3CX Phone System

Step 2. Configure the “bri_2_sip” Route on TB400.

Path: Gateway→Routes Settings→Route List

                                                                  Figure 15 Port to IP Route Page

  • Route Name: give a name for the route, “bri_2_sip”.
  • Call Source: choose BRI trunk1. 
  • Call Destination: choose the VoIP trunk which is connected to 3CX, “ServiceProvider—3CX”.
  • Hotline: set Hotline to 9999, which is the same number with the DID number set on 3CX Inbound route.

Step 3. Test a call.

Dial the BRI trunk1 number 617839972 on your mobile phone, the call will be routed to 3CX’s digital receptionist 800. After hearing the prompt, you can dial any extension number on 3CX Phone System.


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