How to Make Call from Outlook Contacts

Before you get started you will need:Outlook + TAPI (e.g. xtelsio) +MyPBX.

                                                          Figure 1

1. Configure TAPI connect to MyPBX

The TAPI driver uses the functions of the Asterisk Manager via TCP/IP connection.
MyPBX’s Asterisk Manager Account is
User Name: admin
Password: password

Then Download and install TAPI.
Note: You can use other TAPI Driver, and we just take xtelsio TAPI driver as an example.

Example: xtelsio TAPI for Asterisk, more information please refer this link:

1. Download and install “xtelsio TAPI for Asterisk”.
2. Run setup.exe and follow the dialog to install it.

2. TAPI Driver Configuration

You can open the driver configuration via:

[Start -> Programs ->xtelsio_TAPI_for_Asterisk ->xtelsio TAPI for Asterisk - Configuration -> Configure...].

Step 1. Here you can add, remove or configure TAPI lines.

                               Figure 2

Step 2. Double-clicking a TAPI line opens the dialog shown below.

                                               Figure 3

Step 3. TAPI Line Configuration—Access to MyPBX
Step1: Enter the access parameter for the Asterisk Server.
1) Asterisk Server -> Settings…

                                                       Figure 4

2) In dialog "Asterisk Server" you have to enter the access parameters for the Asterisk Manager Interface.
Alias: MyPBX
IP-Address: IP address or host name of MyPBX (e.g.
Port: 5038
Username: admin
Password: password

                                    Figure 5

3) Click “Connect”, the image dialog below shows a successful Connect and Login.

                                   Figure 6

Step 4. TAPI Line Configuration—Device Parameter
Now you have to enter the parameters in section "Asterisk TAPI Device". The dialog image shows an example for a SIP phone with extension "5007".
Channel: Channel for your phone Examples: SIP/5007

Your phone number: This is used as "Caller ID" and optionally for call detection.

                                                      Figure 7

Step 5. Parameters for TAPI controlled call setup
Your name: The calls are signaled with this name to the called party. Example: Michael Chan.
If these settings are done the TAPI driver should work now.

3. Test with Outlook

Step 1: Close and restart Outlook.

Step 2: Right click one of your Outlook contacts and select "Call Contact...”

                                                   Figure 8

Step 3: Click on dialog button "Dialing Options..."

                                           Figure 9

Step 4: Select your "Asterisk Line" in the pull down list in section "Connect using line".

                                             Figure 10

Step 5: Close this dialog with “OK”.

Step 6: Now you are able to make calls via Outlook.

                                      Figure 11

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