How to Capture Asterisk CLI logs for Yeastar Devices

Note: this article is suitable for MyPBX U Series (U100/U200/U300/U500/U510/U520/SOHO/Standard/Enterprise), TA Series, TB Series, TE Series, TG Series, N Series. But not for S Series.

Download the Putty here

1.Enable the SSH service in Yeastar device (LAN setting> SSH enabled)
You need to reboot to take effect if the your firmware version is lower than X.19.0.43.

2.Enter the IP of Yeastar device and SSH port(default is 8022)


3.Then configure the putty with enough lines:


4.Login the SSH with username/password: root/ys123456

5.Then input the commands:
asterisk –vvvvvvvvvvvvvr

you can enter 'sip set debug on' if you want to check sip message in the Asterisk CLI.

6. Make the test call or other tests relevant with your issue. Finally copy all of the logs and save them in a .txt file. And send us the log.

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    what about P Series?? how can I access with root?

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