How to Use Voice2Phone Auto Dialer with MyPBX


Voice2Phone Auto Dialer software is a windows-based application, which uses VoIP and SIP technology to automatically call each number on your list, deliver your recorded voice message and, if appropriate, record any responses by the call recipient. Auto Dialer Software can record touch tone key responses as well as speech.
All the MyPBX models can work perfectly with the VoIP2Voice Auto Dialer software. MyPBX acts as a VoIP service provider, providing calling lines for the powerful auto dialer software Voice2Phone.

In this guide, we tested with:

  • MyPBX Standard V6, firmware version;
  • IP address
  • Auto Dialer Operator version

Voice2Phone provides 3 Auto Dialer Editions, please visit the following link to download Auto Dialer software:

The download package is the shareware version. After you purchase and install the license, the shareware version will become the full version.

Setup Auto Dialer Operator

Step 1. Start the Wizard

Download Auto Dialer software and install it on your PC. Run the Auto Dialer using the desktop shortcut . You should see the introduction page of the Auto Dialer wizard. Click “Next” to visit the VoIP Settings page.

                                    Figure 1 Auto Dialer Operator Introduction Page

Step 2. VoIP Settings

Configure network settings to connect to MyPBX. MyPBX is the VoIP service provider that allows you to make phone calls to landlines or cell phones over the internet.

1) UNCHECK the option “Make a several free calls for the following countries using
demo settings.”

Figure 2

2) Specify MyPBX settings. Take one SIP extension from MyPBX, and fill in the extension information on this page. Here we take extension 302 for example.

                                                           Figure 3 MyPBX Extension Edit Page

Fill in MyPBX information on this page and click “Next”. Now, you have assigned a MyPBX extension to Auto Dialer Operator. The Auto Dialer operator could make calls using this extension.

                                                        Figure 4 VoIP Settings Page

  • Domain: fill in MyPBX’s IP address.
  • User Name: fill in the extension number.
  • Display Name: fill in the extension number.
  • Authorization Name: fill in the extension number.
  • Password: fill in the extension’s password.

Step 3. Message Settings

Specify the message that will be played if the call is answered. Auto Dialer Operator supports Text message and audio message. If the message is not specified the call will be made but the message will not be.

                                                                   Figure 5 Message Settings

Text: text the message that you want to play, the software will transfer the words into voice automatically.

Audio: click the Browse button to choose an audio file. If you don’t have an pre-configured audio file yet,

Step 4. Connection with the Operator

Specify when connection with the operator is established.
Depending on the purpose of the call, you may want to record the answers as well. Please check the option “Save conversations with the operator” and specify a folder to save the files.

                                                               Figure 6 Connection with the Operator

Step 5. Broadcasting

Configure the phone numbers that you need to broadcast your message to.
Type the phone numbers and names, and click Dial button.

                                                                     Figure 7 Dialing Table

It is also possible to play simultaneous calls and import contacts from a .csv file. Click the Import Contacts button to import the contacts.

                                                             Figure 8 Import Contacts

Publish the excel tabs with different numbers that you would like to dial, and the click Dial. The Auto Dialer will call the numbers one by one.

                                                                Figure 9 Dialing Table

 If the called number answers the phone, this call will be connected to the operator.

Figure 10 Connection with the Operator


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