How to Setup Distinctive Ringtone

Distinctive Ringtone distinguishes calls from different inbound routes. In order to use this feature, the IP phone must also support distinctive ringtone. Let's try set up a distinctive ring tone for one inbound route.

Step 1. Enter the Web GUI of the IP phone. Here we take Yealink T28 for example.

Step 2. Click "Phone" and "Ring". Name the first Internal Ringer Text, in the Internal Ringer File, choose a ringtone you wish to use. In this way, distinctive ringtone is enabled on IP phone.

Step 3. Log in MyPBX Web interface, enter the inbound route edit page. In the field of Distinctive Ringtone, fill in the name of the Internal Ringer Text we just named. Make a call to MyPBX through the configured inbound route, the ringtone is just the one we have chosen.

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    I have tried this with both a Yealink T42G and a T46 and it doesn't work on either phone...

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    AI, I test with S100 firmware version with T27P firmware version for a inbound route with a SIP trunk as the selected trunk and a Queue as the destination. When there is an incoming call from the SIP trunk, T27P ring with the configured ring tone(Marked as Family), calls from internal extensions,T27P rings with another ring tone. It works properly as described in this article, although this article I think it is more suitable for Yeastar MyPBX series.

    Not sure if there is any difference between your settings and my environment(devices, firmware, configurations and so on).

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