Applicability: TGv2, TGv3


TG provides a HTTP interface to enable your applications to send messages over the internet. You can send SMS message using the HTTP interface. Parameters are specified in the URL.

Note: Limit your sending speed to 1 SMS per 10 seconds for 1 port when using this API.

Also, you could refer to the video guide: How To Use TG SMS HTTP API (Video)

Sending SMS format:

Sending USSD format:

Please check the following example SMS message from web.
If you want to send a message "Hello world!!" to phone number 15880270900 through TG GSM port 1.

The API settings are configured as the following picture shows:

As we can see, the [User] should be apiuser, and the [pass] should be password.

The URL format should be like this:!!

For the content, it is better to convert it to URL Encode. 

You might find a tool in the Internet like this web tool: URL Encode Decode


You can try to enter the whole URL in the browser address bar.

If the test result is good, you will get the response:


Request Sample

If you use the API via your own application. The HTTP method should be GET.