How to Automatically Synchronize CDR from MyPBX via FtpSync

This application note shows how to automatically synchronize CDR from MyPBX via FtpSync software. With this function, we can synchronize CDR to your PC from MyPBX in real time.

IP address of MyPBX:
Note: Before login MyPBX via FTP, please make sure that FTP is enabled on MyPBX LAN Settings page.
Login via FTP, the default username is root and the password is ys123456

CDR files are mysql database files. Then you can check them via Navicat software on your PC.
Please download and install it on your PC.
Note: if you need to the format is .csv, please export it on the Call Logs page from web GUI.

FtpSync software can synchronizes a local directory tree and a remote FTP directory tree. In below example, we will show you how to synchronize CDR to your PC from MyPBX in real time.
Download and install ftpsync on your PC
You can download the software here:
Note: FtpSync isn’t a free software, but you will have a 30 days trial period.

Step 1 Start "ftpsync-pro.exe”

Figure -1

Step 2 Add Files to synchronize with FTP server.

Figure -2

Step 3 Create a new FTP connection.

Enter the info of MyPBX:
Server address: (Your PBX’s IP Address)
User: root
Password: ys123456
Local Folder: Your local folder
Remote Folder: /var/lib/mysql/asteriskcdr

Figure -3


Figure -4

Step 4 Set time interval or day/time values. The synchronization starts every N minutes if scheduller type is time interval. In this example , we select first method to synchrodata.

Figure -5

Figure -6

Step 5 FTP Synchronization automatically to your local document.

Figure -7

Step 8 Check the CDR file via Navicat software on your PC.

Figure -8

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