How to See Who is Calling for Call Pickup

Call Pickup is a feature that allows you to pick up someone else’s phone call by picking up your own handset. However, you may want to know who is calling and then decide to pick up the call or not. In this document, we guide you how to see who is calling for call pickup. The feature should be supported on IP phones. This guide has been tested with MyPBX U100 and Yealink T28P firmware version

1.  Settings on MyPBX
We will edit MyPBX configuration file via SSH, please ensure that SSH is enabled on MyPBX web GUI on “System→Network Preferences→LAN Settings”.

Note: please DISABLE SSH on MyPBX when you have finished editing the configuration.

Login MyPBX via SSH
You can use Putty.exe, SecureCRT.exe or any other software to login MyPBX via SSH.

Username: root
Default password: ys123456

 After login, make a custom configuration file “sip_custom.conf” at /persistent/custom-cfg by the following command:

vi /persistent/custom-cfg/sip_custom.conf

Then type command “i” to enter Insert Mode, you will be allowed to text on the screen.
Type the following text in the sip_custom.conf file:


After finishing typing, press “Esc” key to exit Insert Mode, then Type command “:wq” to save and quit.

After you have done this, it means you have changed the sip.conf configuration file. To make the custom configuration file take effect, you need to execute the command mypbxconf to apply changes.

2.  Settings on Yealink IP phone
You can receive a visual and an audio alert (if enabled), and also pick up the call when the monitored extension receives an incoming call. The feature is disabled by default, you need to log in Yealink IP Phone’s web interface to enable it.

To enable visual and audio alert features via web user interface:

  1. Click on Phone→ Features-→Call Pickup.
  2. Select “Enabled” from the pull-down list of Visual Alert for BLF Pickup; you will see who is calling for call pickup.
  3. Select “Enabled” from the pull-down list of Audio Alert for BLF Pickup; a “beep” sound will remind you of an incoming call for the monitored extension.

     4. Click Confirm to accept the changes.

Set the BLF Key for call pickup:

Type: BLF
Value: input the extension number you want to monitor
Line: choose the account number, which is registered to MyPBX
Extension: input the feature code to pick up the monitored extension, the default is *04

3. Test a call
When the monitored extension receives an incoming call, the followings occur on the phone:

  1. The phone plays a warning tone.
  2. The BLF key LED flashes.
  3. The caller ID appears on the LCD screen.

In the following figure, the LCD screen shows an incoming call from 15221801226 on the monitored extension 401.

If you want to answer the call, simply press the flashing BLF Key on the phone to pick up the call. You can also pick up the call by pressing the Pickup soft key on the phone.

If you want to use Pickup soft key to pick up the call, you need to set the Direct Call Pickup on Yealink Phone web interface. (Phone→ Features-→Call Pickup)

Direct Call Pickup: Enable
Direct Call Pickup Code: fill in MyPBX “Extension Pickup” feature code, the default is *04.

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    I tested with Yealink IP phone T28 and S PBX firmware version with below settings: The feature describe in the article works perfect.

    The feature describe in the article works perfect. By the way, I didn't login SSH and change nothing through SSH.

    Edited by Oscar Colka
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    Hello Markus,

    This article is suitable for Yealink phones only, if you are using other brand of IP phones, this feature might not work as expected. If you are using Yealink IP phone but couldn't get this work, I would suggest you to submit a ticket and get help from the support engineers.

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    Doesn't work on U100 with T22P E2 and Grandstream 1602.

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    Can you please check with Fanvil phones & let us know the setup.


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    Christian, We have created a ticket for you, please follow your issue through ticket number 201802331.

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    How can we setup that on Grandstream GXV3275?

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    Hi Emre,

    I would suggest you to create a ticket if you have issue to have this function working.

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    don't work on s series, how make this on s100 ? 

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    Doesn't work on myPBX U100. If i set this paramter. BLF breaks.

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    Hi, this dosn´t work on yeastar S50 with snom 370.

    when i type the command "astconfig" the system give me "Operation not permitted". Can anyone help me?



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    I stumbled across this with a google search, but it really has nothing to do with call pickup groups.
    *IF* your call pickup group corresponds to your BLF's then it's great.
    So I rolled it out.. and almost immediately my boss asked "Why am I seeing all these numbers on my phone?"
    Well, he had programmed the BLF's for his boss, accounting, etc.  Now he is seeing all of their incoming calls.
    It's a great way to do it... you know whose phone is ringing, and can decide on whether you want to pick it up or not... however, it's not limited to the call pickup group.
    Now I have to figure out how to limit it to just the call pickup group displaying... 

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    Now BLF doesn't work anymore. no LED flashing. Please contact me.

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