How To Restrict Internal Call on Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX


In some special cases we need to restrict the internal calls, in the following we will introduce the setup and show example to let you know how it works.


Step1. Log in with your S-Series IP PBX extension number and the password assigned by your S-Series IP PBX system administrator. The default password is “pass” + “extension number”.


  • If you cannot log in S-Series IP PBX with your extension number, please contact the administrator to check the password.

Step2. Path: Me-Blocklist/Whitelist

Blocklist is used to block an incoming/outgoing call. If the number of incoming or outgoing call is listed in the number blocklist, the caller will hear the following prompt: “The number you have dialed is not in service. Please check the number and try again”. The system will then disconnect the call.

Whitelist is used to allow incoming/outgoing numbers. Please note Whitelist have the high priority than Blocklist.

 The system supports to block or allow 3 types of numbers:

  • Inbound: the number would be disallowed or allowed to call in the system.
  • Outbound: users are disallowed or allowed to call the number out from the system.
  • Both: both inbound and outbound calls are disallowed or allowed.

 a. Add Blocklist/Whitelist

Select Blocklist or Whitelist tag, click to add a number to Blocklist or Whitelist.

  • Name: give a name for the blocklist/whitelist.
  • Number: enter the numbers, one number per row.
  • Type: choose the type.

b. Import Blocklist/Whitelist

Click , you will see a dialog window shown as below.

Click and select the file to start uploading. The file must be a .csv file. Open the file with notepad, check the sample below. You can export a blocklist/whitelist file from S-Series and use it as a sample to start with.

The sample csv file will result in the following table in Yeastar S-Series.

  • Export Blocklist/Whitelist

Select the checkbox of the blocklist/whitelist, click , the selected blocklist/whitelist will be exported to your local PC.


1. Boss's extension number (Extension 1000) just allow inbound call from secretary (Extension 1010) , all of other extension need call to Secretary first and transfer the call to Boss by Secretary.

a. Add Blocklist

b. Add Whitelist

Note: Secretary just can transfer the call by Attend transfer (default feature code is *3).

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    I'm not sure if this is a correct example.
    All extensions can call the number you specify in the whitelist.
    I am not sure it is specific permission for only the secretary.

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