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The Yeastar Certified Technician (YSCT) Certification Online Training course is crafted for those who are new to VoIP business and Yeastar. The entire course consists of five video tutorials, covering all basic information you need to know about the configuration, management and maintenance of Yeastar PBX, which help turn you from an industry rookie to a Yeastar Certified Technician, and will ultimately prepare you for the next stage: Yeastar Intermediate Certification.

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What You'll Learn:

l  Basis information of VoIP industry and S-Series VoIP PBX line.

l  How to install modules and hardware of Yeastar PBX.

l  How to configure S-Series VoIP PBX, including the basic settings of extensions, trunks, etc.

l  How to manage S-Series VoIP PBX key features, including call parking, speed dial, etc.

l  How to store and restore backup files, upgrade firmware and monitor S-Series VoIP PBX.


Online Training Course Outline

1. S-Series VoIP PBX introduction - Start Now

2. S-Series VoIP PBX hardware installation - Start Now

3. Web GUI login and basic configuration - Start Now

4. Auto-Provisioning and call routing settings - Start Now

5. Call features management - Start Now

6. Basic maintenance - Start Now


After you pass the examination for this course, you will be certified as a Yeastar Certified technician. The certificate is valid for 3 years and certificate-holder can renew it by retaking the exam.


Taking the Examination Now:

If you are ready to take the YSCT Examination, please fill in Application Form here to get more detail.

Exam Information and Passing Grade

l   The exam is an open book exam consisting of 30 choice questions

l   Passing score: 70%

l   Exam duration: 1 hour

Don’t worry if you do not pass, you can still re-sit the exam for 2 times.If you fail after 2 attempts, you are required to re-take the courses.

Quick Reference Guide:

To help you prepare and preview the training course, we have provided the following PowerPoint slides for the video tutorial, Click Here To Download.

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