Recorded Webinar: Yeastar Certified Technician Section 4

This video is suitable for S-Series VoIP PBX, including S20, S50, S100 and S300.

In this video, we will introduce:


YSCT – Section 4
4.1 IVR
4.2 Custom Prompts
4.3 Record Prompts
4.4 User Permission
4.5 CDR Configuration
4.6 Event Setting
4.7 Event Log
4.8 System Upgrade
     HTTP Mode
     TFTP Mode
4.9 Backup & Restore
4.10 Reboot & Reset
4.11 Troubleshooting
     Ethernet Capture Tool
     DAHDI Monitor Tool
     IP Ping


If you couldn't view this video, please visit here: Yeastar Certified Technicians Trainings - Section 4

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