Yeastar S-Series System Prompt Download Link

 Choose your desired system prompt, and click the link to download the prompt file to your local PC.

System Prompt Version
Arabic sound-ar-1.0.0
Danish sound-da-1.0.0
German sound-de-1.0.0
English sound-en-1.0.4
English (Australia) sound-en_AU-1.0.0
English (Britain) sound-en_BR-1.0.0
Spanish (Latin America) sound-es_LT-1.0.0
Spanish (Mexico) sound-es_MX-1.0.0
Spanish (Spain) sound-es-1.0.0
Persian sound-fa-1.0.0
Finnish sound-fi-1.0.0
French (Canada) sound-fr_CA-1.0.0
French (France) sound-fr-1.0.0
Greek sound-gr-1.0.0
Hungarian sound-hu-1.0.0
Italian sound-it-1.0.0
Hebrew sound-iw-1.0.0
Korean sound-kr-1.0.0
Dutch  sound-nl-1.0.0
Norwegian sound-no-1.0.0
Polish sound-pl-1.0.0
Portuguese (Brazil) sound-pt_BR-1.0.0
Portuguese (Portugal) sound-pt-1.0.0
Russian sound-ru-1.0.0
Swedish sound-se-1.0.0
Thai sound-th-1.0.0
Turkish sound-tr-1.0.0
Chinese sound-zh-1.0.5


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