How to Customize Your Voicemail Greetings


The default voicemail greetings in S-Series VOIP PBX are fine but it’s rather bland and quite boring. You can customize your own voicemail greetings.

You have two ways to change your voicemail greetings:

  • Change Greetings on a Handset
  • Change Greetings on web GUI

Change Greetings on a Handset

  1. Dial *2 to enter voicemail on your handset.
  2. Enter the access password.
  3. Press 0 for Mailbox Options. You will then be given the choice of what type of message you want to record.
  4. Press 1 to record your Unavailable Message.
  5. Press 2 to record your Busy Message.
  6. Press 3 to record your name.
  7. Press 4 to record your Temporary Greetings.
  8. Choose the message that you want to record, press # to finish the record.
  9. Press 1 to accept your message.
  10. Press 2 to listen to your message.
  11. Press 3 to re-record your message if you don't like the previous message.

Change Greetings on web GUI

  1. Log in the IPPBX web interface using your extension account. For example, log in with user name “1007”, the password is the extension’s “User Password”.__1.png
  2. Go to Me > Extension Settings > Voicemail, Click Browse to upload audio files for Busy Prompt and Unavailable Prompt.__2.png
  3. Click Save and Apply.
  4. Make a call to the extension 1007, and check if the voicemail greetings are changed.
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    Hi, I would like to change just greeting prompt, not busy or unavailable prompt... How can i change default sound of greeting/welcome prompt?



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    Btw...this article is about:

    How to Customize Your Voicemail Greetings

    But you cannot customize greetings :), not real greeting of voicemail ("welcome to voice mail...")

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    Anyone get that how to change greeting on S Series yet. I'm in the same boat. 

    The actual greeting, not the two that you can change via GUI.  500 miles away from site with just a wav file....

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    I figured it out that the unavailable is the message, It wasn't changing because the calls are being sent to voicemail via ** (ext) which still plays the default system message?? Anyone know where that one is? 

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